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Ticket Purchase Frequently Asked Questions

  • addQuestion: I’m purchasing multiple tickets and nothing happens after I click the ‘Buy Ticket Now’ button.
    Answer: Did you fill out the ticketholders' information for all your tickets and check all the boxes? Each ticket needs to be filled out individually by clicking the ticket # and then filling out the empty fields
  • addQ: I filled out all the info for each ticket, but it shows an error saying “Invalid Email”. What’s wrong with my email?
    A: Check that there are no spaces written before our after your email address in the box provided. Spaces will make your email invalid.
  • addQ: I didn’t receive my ticket email. Where can I find it?
    A: 1st, check all your inboxes for the ticket email, including ‘Promotions’, ‘Spam’, and ‘Junk’. 2nd, you still can’t find your email, log in to the ticket purchaser account on our website. Navigate to My Account and then My Tickets. You can also contact us on Whatsapp +16043305333 if you are still having trouble locating your ticket.
  • addQ: I forgot the password to 'My Account' and the password reset is not working. What should I do?
    A: if you used an icloud email you won't receive our emails. Apple has recently started blocking promotional emails without the consent of the user. You will have to make a new account or contact us to have your email changed. Message us via Whatsapp +16043305333. If you are using a gmail / hotmail / outlook email address, you may have to check your other inboxes other than your main inbox.
  • addQ: My payment failed, but I am still seeing a transaction on my credit card account. What does this mean?
    A: The transaction you see on your account is ‘Pending’ which means your bank is holding it, not us. We are not able to accept payments after authentication has failed. This will be corrected by your bank within a few days, or we can help speed up the process if we manually cancel the failed order on our backend. You may see a cancellation email for the order. If you have any concerns, message us.
  • addQ: I added multiple tickets to my cart individually instead of in one order, yet I only received one ticket after purchasing.
    A: Purchasing multiple tickets in an order without increasing the quantity on the ticket page creates an error. Only one ticket will be published automatically. Please contact us about the issue via Whatsapp so we can correct this mistake.
  • addQ: I can’t make it to an event anymore. What is your return policy?
    A: All event tickets are non-refundable and can not be transferred to another person. This is listed on our website.
  • addQ: I used my own name for multiple tickets that I'm giving to friends. The ticket will not match their ID. Is this ok?
    A: Please contact us in advance to fix the ticket-holder’s information (Whatsapp +16043305333). The ticket-holder’s name should match their ID. Providing the wrong ticket holder’s info can cause alot of confusion at the door and will cause delays to everyone checking in. Also using the same email for multiple tickets in 1 order could cause your email provider to block our emails as spam. Please get your friend’s email before you fill out the information.
  • addI showed up to the event trying to use someone else's ticket because that person gave it to me. Now the staff won't let me in the event. Why?
    It says on the ticket page, on our return policy, on the event page when you purchase the tickets, and here, that you can not use a ticket that does not match your ID. Never buy a ticket second hand or try to use someone else's ticket.
  • addQ: Can I show the "ORDER RECEIVED" page as my ticket?
    A: The “Order Received” page at checkout is not your final receipt and we will not accept a screenshot of this page as a ticket or proof of purchase at the door. Instead find your ticket under My Account -> My Tickets
  • addQ: I don’t know where the event is, I don’t recognize the venue name. What should I do?
    A: Always check your ticket for location details. If its a private event you will need to contact us on Whatsapp in advance to get the directions (Whatsapp +16043305333. We are not able to answer during events.)


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